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Instagram: Course on promotion
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Video about the general principles of promotion in the social network Instagram, based on their own experience

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In your Instagram profile, adding this text to the description:

The owner of the account @meriel_bb with 180K subscribers releases a promotion course in Instagram! Link in @meriel_us’s profile

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The launch is expected by the end of August

You will no one is taken charged any fees*

You will no one is taken charged any fees*

I will be sincerely glad if each of you receives useful information, hears my advice and achieves any success! You are already great fellows that are interested in this subject, because this is the future! Instagram develops with incredible speed and, personally for me, this social network is the number 1 for any kind of activity! Not surprisingly, if it soon replaces all the other sites, because there is everything: from a simple opportunity to share photos, information, communicate with friends, to a full online store and, of course, one of the new products – Instagram TV!

If you are too busy or just lazy to understand all these nuances – you can always use our services! I personally guarantee full control over all processes!

Please select the necessary services for further cost calculation:

  • Give an approximate number of posts in week

Our specialists will calculate the cost for you

Audience analysis is the definition of properties in your content, product or service of people for further promotion by targeting, mass-massaging and mass-mailing.

Mass-targeting and mass-targeting are methods of promotion, the principles of which are visiting the profile, likes of posts, and, of course, subscriptions, with the expectation that your action will not go unnoticed, provoking a response.

Planning and creating content: our experts will help to compose a content plan and even prepare photographs / videos with the necessary description.

Keeping an account (posting posts and storis) means that you give access to an account (login and password) to our specialists who will directly publish themselves.

Setting shop – create a page based on Shop in Facebook, link to the site (if required), add goods, connect to Instagram with the further ability to mark products on publications.

The full maintenance of the Instagram – Shop account and the Facebook group is a permanent listing of the goods in the Facebook Store, in parallel with the publication of the Instagram Shop posts marked with photographic products.

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